Describe how HR can address the impacts of organizational change and restructuring on employee morale.

R Presentation on Talent Management in a Changing Organization: Part 3

Note: This Assignment consists of three parts. You submitted Parts 1 and 2 in Weeks 3 and 4. You will complete and submit only Part 3 this week.

XYZ Logo Jacob WickhamYou are an HR analyst for XYZ Corporation, and you have been tasked with the assignment of helping a company through a period of organizational change. Your client, Thoreau Enterprises, recently acquired several other companies in its industry. The organization has gone from being a $1 billion entity to a $15 billion entity as a result of these acquisitions. Though Thoreau Enterprises purchased the others, it was actually the smallest entity of the entire grouping. After meeting with Thoreau Enterprises’ company leadership, your Director, Jacob Wickham, has compiled notes on three main areas that need to be addressed: talent management needs, compensation, and the role of HR to lead change for the new organization. Following is a list of specific concerns that Jacob noted during the initial meeting:

  • There are a number of “legacy” employees whose roles in the new organization have changed drastically as a result of the acquisitions. Many employees are unclear whether their jobs are going to be considered redundant or if they are “safe” in the new organizational structure. Rumors are spreading that everyone’s jobs are up for grabs, employees will have to re-interview to keep their jobs, and the severance packages for anyone laid off may not be as great as people are hoping for. Morale is low in this period of uncertainty.
  • HR leaders are aware of the need to hire to fill certain functions, and it has come to light that job descriptions do not exist for all levels in the organization.
  • In the past, employees were typically hired because they were referred by existing staff. Therefore, contemporary recruiting and hiring methods have not been utilized at Thoreau Enterprises.
  • Compensation strategies need to be aligned across the new organization.
  • With the merger of so many companies, no cohesive corporate culture has been established, and there are major employee morale issues, as stated above. In fact, the leaders of the new Thoreau Enterprises are unsure of what their company culture should be and need guidance for how HR can help them to establish this and lead them through this period of uncertainty and change.

Your director, Jacob Wickham, has asked you to put together a presentation on talent management, compensation, and the role of HR in helping to manage organizational change. After speaking with the client, Jacob has compiled a list of items that he wants you to cover in this presentation, which should include a title slide, References slide, and speaker notes for each slide that Jacob can use to present your points to the leaders of Thoreau Enterprises.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources and the scenario for this Assignment.
  • Refer to the Academic Writing Expectations for 2000/3000-Level Courses as you compose your Assignment.
By Day 7

Submit Part 3 of your presentation, according to the following prompts.

Part 3: Addressing Organizational Changes (6–9 slides)
  • Illustrate the role of HR in managing the talent pipeline during organizational change and restructuring. Provide at least three specific examples of HR functions that would apply to this type of situation. (1–2 slides)
  • Describe how HR can address the impacts of organizational change and restructuring on employee morale. In your response, identify at least two tools, methods, and/or strategies that HR can employ, including a brief rationale for each selection. (2–3 slides)
  • Identify at least three examples of legal challenges a company could potentially face during restructuring and explain how HR can help the organization avoid committing violations for each example. (3–4 slides)

Compose A Reflective Summary Of The Role Of Human Resources In Labor Relations In An Organization

A valuable skill in Human Resources Management is the ability to critically analyze and resolve troublesome situations. Many different aspects of unions have been presented in this course. Likely at this point you have a very good understanding of each of these different aspects, such as the pros and cons to forming unions, today’s local and global union environment, attitudes and characteristics of union leadership, and bargaining and negotiation in unionized environments. You also learned about these topics from a human resources standpoint concerning your role as a human resource professional.

It is always a good idea at the end of a course to spend some time reflecting not only on what you have learned, but what you will be able to do with the new knowledge you have gained in your personal and professional life. Theories and research are very important, but application of the theories and the research is what happens as a Human Resources professional, so you especially want to be able to take what you have learned and apply it to your role as a human resource professional.

In a reflective paper, offer a detailed explanation of how the knowledge gained in this course provided you with an understanding of the role of human resources in union environments as well as the dynamics involved in a unionized organization. What challenges do human resource managers face in dealing with a unionized organization? Be detailed and succinct in your explanation of what you have gained from the course.

Support your insights paper with a minimum of seven (7) external resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 12-15 pages, not including title and reference pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where applicable.

Analyze the facts using the law of hostile work environment.


Supporting Lecture:

Review the following lecture:

  • Workplace Harassment


The project assignment provides a forum for analyzing and evaluating relevant topics for this week on the basis of the course competencies covered.


Instances of hostile work environment in large organizations are often reported in the news. Human resource managers can learn a great deal about prevention of hostile environment in their own organizations by studying “what went wrong” in others.


Turn to current events in the news to find a case of hostile work environment at a major organization.

  • Identify the organization and share the facts reported including both points of view.
  • Analyze the facts using the law of hostile work environment.
  • Explain whether this is a case of pervasive multiple acts or a single severe act while identifying the protected classes involved.
  • Justify your view on what should have been done to prevent the hostile environment as well as your advice on how to prevent a reoccurrence of the incident in the future.

To support your work, use your course and text readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

Submission Details

  • Create a 4–6 page Microsoft Word document.
  • Name your file as SU_HRM5020_W2_Project_LastName_FirstName.doc.

Explain how you think health organizations and health care management could be affected by what you reported.

Explain how you think health organizations and health care management could be affected by what you reported.

Written Assignment – The Evening News

You are to report “the evening news” in a class. Your news report must present a news item or current event that is pertinent to international health). Please do not report a journal article – report “the news” from a newspaper, website, TV, or other sources. CNN or BBC news might be especially interesting. After you report the news, give your thoughts and opinions about how what you reported could affect health organizations and management of those organizations. In keeping with current trends in news reporting, you may make ‘the news’ fun and entertaining. Prepare your news report as follows:

  1. Source      [2 points]
  2. Concisely state the news in your own words – e.g., who, what, where, when, why. (1/2      page) [2 points]
  3. Explain how you think health organizations and health care management could be affected by what you reported. Describe at least 3 specific ways that health organizations and their management could be affected by what you read. What should health care managers do? (1/2 page) [4 points]
  4. Personal      reflection – how does this topic impact you personally and/or      professionally (1/2 page) [2 points]

Be sure to include your name, the date of the news item and the source (CNN, BBC, Local News)

Explain the importance of Savannah’s labor market in considering whether or not Atlantic Shrimp is in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Signature Assignment: Information Literacy, Reinforced Level

In this Case 1 you will be finding, selecting, and incorporating the most effective sources of information to support your discussion of Atlantic Shrimp’s actions as they relate to discrimination laws and regulations. Give special attention to the quality of sources utilized.

Exploring Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination

Before starting this assignment, use the following links to familiarize yourself with relevant law:

HR Hero. (2017). Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Retrieved at

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (n.d.)  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Retrieved from

U.S. Supreme Court. (1971). Griggs v. Duke Power Co., Retrieved at

Terms: Disparate/adverse impactdisparate/adverse treatment

U.S. Supreme Court Case: Griggs vs. Duke Power Company

Begin this assignment by reading the following scenario:

Atlantic Shrimp is a major processor of fresh and frozen shrimp sold throughout the United States. Atlantic shrimp employs 301 workers at its principal processing plant. The plant has a relatively young crew with 73% of the workforce between the ages of 23 and 31. The plant is in Savannah, Georgia. Atlantic Shrimp requires a high school diploma or GED as a condition of employment for its cleaning crew. Right now, the entire cleaning crew at Atlantic Shrimp is Caucasian.

Prepare a 4- to 6-page paper, not counting the cover page, the requested appendix, and reference page. Address the following questions in your paper:

  1. Explain the importance of Savannah’s labor market in considering whether or not Atlantic Shrimp is in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Discuss relevant data you find associated with Savannah’s demographics.
  2. Based on your readings and research, evaluate whether Atlantic Shrimp needs to make policy changes to ensure compliance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  If changes must be made in complying with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, explain specifically what changes Atlantic Shrimp should make and why they are necessary to satisfy the requirements of each of these laws.
  3. Use at least six (6) sources, at least three (3) of which should be found on your own (outside of the module readings). Provide a 1- or 2-page Appendix discussing why your non-module sources (ones found on your own) were chosen and what criteria you used to determine that they were appropriate sources for your academic paper.

Explain to your junior accountants why you are giving them this financial statement and where the debt information is located.


Step 1: Financing

The junior accounting team has assembled a Financing Report that (a) offers three options for securing the additional funds required to meet the new order; and (b) details the criteria Shaun, the owner of Suns Truck, would like you to consider when choosing one of the options. Based on this report:

  • Identify which financing option you think is the best option for Suns Truck to pursue given Shaun’s constraints. Explain the rationale for your decision.

Note: You should complete Steps 2,3 & 4 after reading the material in Week 5.

Step 2: Accounting Cycle

A junior accountant is working to get everything in order for the new financing and has come to you with a question about what do next in the accounting cycle.

  • Read the email the junior accountant sent you and identify the best next step to take in the accounting cycle. Explain your reasoning.

Step 3: Financial Statements

A potential investor has been identified, but before it is willing to commit, it has requested information about Suns Truck’s current debt from the junior accountants.

  • Identify the correct financial statement for your junior accountants that will provide the investor with the information it has requested. Explain to your junior accountants why you are giving them this financial statement and where the debt information is located.

Step 4: Financial Analysis

If you were the type of financier selected in Step 1, would you invest in Suns Truck? Explain the rationale for your decision.

Evaluate the importance of the performance appraisal process and how it is a key component of business strategy.

Assignment 2: Employee Development and Performance

Assignment 2: Employee Development and Performance
Due Week 6 and worth 170 points
Continuing from Assignment 1, you were selected as the new HR director for the retail company and now have been in the position for approximately 6 months. Your approach to strategy, planning, and selection have been quite successful thus far, and now it is time to address the organization’s expectation for performance and development of employees since these components of HR strategy are critical in achieving business outcomes and success.
Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

· Critically analyze and discuss any researched (web or textbook) training process model you may consider for use in developing employees (here’s an idea: or exhibit 7-1, page 230 in the text book). Then, identify and discuss some possible challenges that might be faced in implementing a new training process in the company.

· List and briefly discuss at least three (3) types or methods of training that can be used for employee training. Of the 3, which would you select to train the retail employees, and why? Be specific.

· Differentiate the concept of performance management and performance appraisal with three (3) to four (4) key points. Then, make your case to leadership for or against using annual performance appraisals in the organization. Be specific with your perspective.

· Format your assignment according to these formatting requirements:


a. Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

b. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.

c. Include a reference page. Citations and references must follow APA format. The reference page is not included in the required page length. Use the Strayer University Library at to locate additional sources to support your work.

The specific course outcomes associated with this assignment are:

· Review the human resource management function of training and development and the function’s importance to business strategy.

· Evaluate the importance of the performance appraisal process and how it is a key component of business strategy.

explain how Archisurance should address security within each layer of its enterprise architecture.


The objective of this assignment is to apply the principles and concepts of security as enterprise architecture by extending upon the material described in the Archisurance case study.


Write a paper explaining how Archisurance should address security within each layer of its enterprise architecture. Include in your discussion descriptions of the specific business, operational, and cyber-security risks that need to be managed and suggestions for how these might be managed.


· Submissions should be between 750 words and 1,000 words in length.

· Refer to the UCOL Format and Style Requirements (Links to an external site.) on the Course Homepage, and be sure to properly cite your sources using Turabian Author-Date style citations (Links to an external site.).







Small Paper Rubric


Small    Paper Rubric






This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeContent


70.0 to >60.0 pts

Excellent Work

Student demonstrates thorough understanding of the     topic. Incorporates material from the assigned readings and from his/her     experience. Specific examples are used to amplify key points. Demonstrates     critical thinking skills in analyzing key concepts.

60.0 to >49.0 pts

Meets Standard

Student demonstrates understanding of the topic.     Incorporates some material from reading and/or personal experiences. Some     critical thinking skills applied.

49.0 to >35.0 pts

Needs Improvement

Student demonstrates some understanding of the topic.     Few or no references to reading material or personal experience.

35.0 to >0 pts

Needs Significant Improvement

Student did not demonstrate understanding of the topic.     No references to reading material or personal experience.

70.0 pts


This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeClarity


20.0 to >16.0 pts

Excellent Work

Paper is structured in a logical manner, with     appropriate subheadings to facilitate reading. Arguments are clear and     backed with facts. Few, if any, unsubstantiated assertions.

16.0 to >14.0 pts

Meets Standard

Paper is structured logically. Some unsubstantiated     arguments and/or assertions.

14.0 to >10.0 pts

Needs Improvement

Paper is not structured logically. Many unsubstantiated     arguments and/or assertions.

10.0 to >0 pts

Needs Significant Improvement

Paper lacks structure. Unsubstantiated arguments and/or     assertions.

20.0 pts


This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeGrammar, References, UCOL   Style Guide


10.0 to >8.5 pts

Excellent Work

Writing follows accepted English grammar practices. No     spelling or grammar errors, Use of Turabian and proper citation references     and/or use of UCOL Style Guide used appropriately.

8.5 to >7.0 pts

Meets Standard

Writing follows accepted English grammar practices. Not     more than 3 grammatical errors. Use of Turabian and proper citation for     references and/or use of UCOL Style Guide needs improvement.

7.0 to >5.0 pts

Needs Improvement

Writing deviates from accepted English grammar     practices. 5 or more grammatical errors. Use of Turabian and proper     citation for references and/or use of UCOL Style Guide needs improvement.

5.0 to >0 pts

Needs Significant Improvement

Poor English grammar practices. Many grammatical errors.     Use of Turabian and proper citations and/or use of UCOL Style Guide lacking.

10.0 pts


Total   Points: 100.0

Discuss Dairy Trade And Food Security

INSTRUCTIONS: The deliverable on this assignment is a paper of no fewer than 1800 words and no more than 2200 words

You are expected to write your paper using formal rules of grammar, spelling and style. In your paper, I want you to take this position on the question posed below and provide cogent arguments in favor of your side. As in any other formal debate, I am asking you to be all-in on one side or another. I don’t care whether you choose the “pro” or “con”, but don’t waffle. While you may genuinely feel that the answer is not black or white and that there are reasonable “on this hand but on the other hand” arguments, save those for another day. Your job is to provide the strongest argument for your chosen side. Having said that, this doesn’t mean you get to make up data or “alternative truths”. The quality of your submission will be based on how well you make your point, not how vigorously you shout it out. If you use someone’s work or use data, cite it as a footnote or endnote. I encourage you to not just extemporize. Get some citations. I would encourage you to use “popular press” (blogs, news or magazine articles) to highlight public impressions or ideas, but try to find a more serious, scholarly paper to provide more substantive weight to your argument.

Question: Are you in favor of public policies to minimize or avoid programs that use government subsidies, penalties or restrictions to interfere with or shape natural economic incentives to produce, consume, or trade dairy foods?

Info Dairy Trade and Food Security Proposition:  Public Policy should ensure free trade both at home and abroad. In other words, a system that neither subsidized nor penalizes either production or consumption will ultimately serve societies’ interest the best. This does not mean that we shouldn’t have regulations pertaining to food safety, worker safety, environmental abuses, and the like. Background: 1. Most developed countries have productive agricultures that are, to one degree or another, economically supported by government programs. Farmers get higher prices or income supplements through some kind of government intervention. 2. Most developed countries have some kind of food subsidy programs to assist low income consumers buy more food or have access to more food than they would otherwise be able to achieve. They also typically have food assistance programs to donate or subsidize the sale of food to low income countries. This is above and beyond food assistance in response to natural or man-made disasters. 3. The dairy sector seems to attract more direct support for production as well as consumption, with the former being more dominant in high income countries and the latter more dominant in low income countries. 4. Many developing or low income countries argue that the policies of developed countries stifle the growth and development of agriculture in low income countries by the combination of subsidizing production at home and exports abroad. They argue that they, the low-income countries, could do a better job of feeding themselves if developed countries didn’t have the double whammy of production and export subsidies. They further note that they lack the financial resource to compete with taxpayer-funded programs in rich countries. 5. Proponents of developed country policies argue that support for farmers is an internal matter and that developing countries should be pleased that they can get food more cheaply through subsidized exports and donations. 6. Another line of reasoning is that every country should have its own ability to produce food as a matter of national security. For countries that are blessed with a natural food production capability, this is easy, but for countries not so blessed, national food security is a reason to subsidize national food production and tax imports. 7. The opposing argument is that by building a web of economic interconnectedness based on the principle of comparative advantage, we ensure that it is in everyone’s self-interest to play nice, that this connectedness has the effect of decreasing risk and increasing food security.

Must Cite all sources and works cited in MLA APA format

Create a Chart comparing of Training Delivery Platforms you use for your business.

Create a Chart comparing of Training Delivery Platforms you use for your business.

Your company needs a Training Delivery Platform. Your a schedule to research platforms for your company. You are a Government contractor. Find a delivery platform that will work for your company.

Create a Chart comparing of Training Delivery Platforms you use for your business. Give a description of what each platform has to offer. Compare the Pros & Cons of each platform to each other. Example of some of the Platforms you should use in your comparison. (Linkedin Learning, Moodle, Blackboard, 360 Learning, Skillsoft,  SABA, and Coursera).

I Have also attach a document as an example of what the chart should look like.

Here are some of the questions that should be ask for your business:


1. Accessible from Government  Computers

2. Tracks training completions

3. Can schedule/register ILT classes

4. Provides reports on training completion

5. Can track training completed outside of the platform

6. Supervisors can review training status

7. Trainers can grade activities

8. Can enter attendance records

9. Incorporates blended learning

10. Approved by FRTIB

11. Cost