final IP5 paper

Using the feedback you received from your instructor and colleagues over the last few weeks, you will now revise your rough draft into your final research paper. As you revise, feel free to continue to expand your paper by adding additional supporting evidence and analysis where you see a need. Have you incorporated the information related to technology, corrections, and any theories or policies related to the issue you are researching?

Your final draft must be no fewer than 3 pages, not including the reference page. It must be longer and more refined than your Unit 3 Individual Project. This paper must follow APA-style format and include in-text citations and a reference page. Be sure to proofread your final paper and run the spell and grammar checks before submitting.


Here is Professors notes for Final Paper:


Transform your IP3 draft into your final IP5 paper. The annotated bibliography in your IP3 paper must be transformed or changed into a “literature review” in your IP5 paper.  Here is everything you need to know to successfully submit your final IP5 research proposal:

Below are administrative recommendations that should be applied to your final IP5 paper. Keep up the good work.

The high similarity index (Turnitin score) is authorized to be high because the student is reusing or repurposing their own work. (0 point deduction).

SYNTAX: The following has a weak English syntax:

[To set realistic expectations for collaborative collaborations, it is critical to evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of private security and law enforcement.]

There are other sentence structure issues that won’t be pointed out here. If you would like to learn how to improve the syntax in your papers, then please visit this link:  (1.5 points).

FONT:  Please write in a font of Times New Roman 12 throughout all future papers. Here is a link to show you what a font of Times New Roman 12 looks like  and here is a 2-minute video that will show you how to do that: (1 point).

PARAGRAPH SPACING: There is too much spacing between some of the paragraphs. Please use double spacing between all paragraphs – and no more than that. If you would like to see samples of correct and incorrect spacing, then please visit this link:   (1 point).

PARAGRAPH INDENTING: Some of the paragraphs are not indented (look at the ethics section). Please always indent the very first sentence or line of all paragraphs by a half inch. If you would like to see a sample indent, then click on the following link:  (1 point).

General Comments: This assignment is supposed to produce an edited rough draft of the body of a proposed research paper. It should present a clear focus on the problems – and provide a tentative solution(s). The references should be scholarly sources to support ideas that are presented. It should present an introduction to the problem (a thesis statement), a hypothesis, research questions, an annotated bibliography and a consideration of ethical issues, as they relate to an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Dr. Hale