Atmosphere-ocean environments related to climate are produced by interactions of which of the following?

1. Regarding the eastern Slavs, which of the following statements is false?
A. Under Polish, Austrian, and Lithuanian influences, the people of Belarus and Ukraine adopted national identities that distinguished them from Russians.
B. Ukraine has expressed interest in reuniting with the Russian Federation.
C. The word Ukraine means “borderland.”
D. The word Belarussian means “white Russians.”

2. As of the year 2009, how many people around the globe lived outside their country of birth?
A. 200 million
B. 100 million
C. 50 million
D. 700 million

3. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, 15 of its former republics became independent. Twelve of these former republics formed the Commonwealth of Independent States, largely in recognition of
A. the threat posed by NATO.
B. the economic threat posed by the European Union.
C. the need to sustain the trade flows established during Soviet times.
D. common cultural ties.

1. Jones, this seminar was the best course I have had. I wondered if we could discuss my grades?
Appeal to pride
Appeal to pity
Ad hominem
Red herring

2. John has really worked hard on his term project, and he will really be depressed if he does not make an A. For these reasons, you just have to give him an A on his project.
Appeal to pride
Appeal to pity
Ad hominem
Red herring


3. Gay and lesbian groups have argued in favor of legislation to prevent their people from being discriminated against. But we must remember that a genetic basis for homosexuality has yet to be discovered. Granted, some studies indicate that homosexuality has a biological origin, but these studies are too limited to be conclusive. Thus, the safest policy right now is to take no action at all on these questions.
Appeal to fear
Slippery Slope
Red herring
Tu quoque

1. If you are opposed to the North American Free Trade Agreement, you are obviously opposed to free trade.
Appeal to pity
Straw man
Ad hominem

2. If we make an exception for you, then we’ll have to make an exception for everyone.
Appeal to fear
Slippery Slope

Red herring
Tu quoque


3. This administration is not anti-German, as it has been alleged. Germany is a great country. It has contributed immensely to the world’s artistic treasury. Goethe and Schiller made magnificent contributions to literature, and Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, and Brahms did the same in music.
Red herring
Ad hominem
Appeal to pride
Ignoring the question

1. University of Chicago Professor Milton Friedman famously said about social responsibility:
The social responsibility of business is to make money legally.
Big multinational corporations must solve all the social problems in the world.
Business is immoral for not helping out in the community.
When in Rome, do as the Romans.

2. The term “corporate social responsibility” is today best defined in the U.S. by:
a. Federal statutory incorporation law.
b. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 10b(5)
c. Kant’s ethical writings condemning the corporate form of business for being selfish, greedy, and immoral
d. Current definitions in business of the term which indicate that a company should be socially responsible and thus contribute to charities and civic organizations, but in a prudent and smart manner.

3. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Basing one’s behavior on the adage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is part of Kantian ethics.
An ethical theory that says each person is presumed to have entered into an agreement with all others in society to obey moral rules that are necessary for people to live in peace and harmony is called Social Contract ethics.
A doctrine that says that a corporation should consider its presence in the community and society and the effects its actions have on persons or groups other than the shareholders is called Corporate Social Responsibility.

A theory of social responsibility that says that business must solve global problems such as poverty and disease is called Legal Nonfeasance.

4. All of the following are basic social responsibility principles EXCEPT:
The responsibility of business beyond shareholders to stakeholders
The responsibility of business to maximize profits in order to do the most moral good for the shareholders
Respect for the environment
Becoming engaged and involved in civic and charitable activities.


1. The position of a place north or south of the equator is measured in
A. meridians of latitude.
B. degrees of latitude.
C. terms proportional distance.
D. terms of relative location.

2. Atmosphere-ocean environments related to climate are produced by interactions of which of the following?
A. The lithosphere and hydrosphere
B. Tectonic plate interactions with the lithosphere and hydrosphere
C. The atmosphere, meteorology, and volcanic sub zero temperatures.
D. The atmosphere and hydrosphere


3. In general, the most materially advanced and developed countries are focused on extensive development of the _______ sector of their economy.
A. secondary
B. tertiary
C. quaternary
D. primary


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