How are these colors appropriate to the subject matter?

1. Picasso’s painting, Guernica, about the tragedies of the Spanish Civil War, uses only black, grey, and white colors. How are these colors appropriate to the subject matter?

2. Compare Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation with the Peter Paul Rubens painting of the same subject. Which painting has more drama and why?

1. According to ethical relativism,
There are no moral standards which are universally true.
Morality is societal-based.
Different societies have different views as to what is right and wrong.
All are true.

2. Which of the following is not an accurate statement?
The fact that there are differences among societies in moral positions means logically that there are no, and can never be, any moral standards or rules.
The doctrine of legal positivism would maintain that a business person rely on the law as a basis for decision-making when confronted with a moral question.
According to the Hobbesian view of legal positivism, there can be no such thing as a bad, immoral, or unjust law.
According to Bentham, Utilitarianism is an objective, scientific, mathematical, and empirical ethical theory.

3. Adam is a Legal Positivist Adam  believes that
the law should be applied the same in all cases in all circumstances.
the law should re­flect universal principles that are part of hu­man nature.
the law should not follow decisions made in past cases.
the written law of a society at a particular time is the most significant standard of morality.

1. Fran, an executive with Global Sales Corporation, has to decide whether to market a useful product that nonetheless might have undesirable side-effects for a small number of users. What ethical theory would the Sophists advise her to use so that her firm can morally market the product?
Kantian ethics
Corporate Social Responsibility
Last Resort theory.

2. The moral theory of ethical relativism can best be characterized by:
The consultation of an outside source, such as a book or person, for guidance.
The belief that the moral rules should be determined by persons who have a “veil of ignorance” about their place or station in society.
The belief that a person must decide what course of action is moral based on what a society believes is proper and right.
Determining which course of action produces the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people.


1. Operations management is concerned only with the day-to-day operations of the firm’s productive system.


2. Operations managers need an integrated view of business organizations.


3. The concept of interchangeable parts was introduced by Frederick W. Taylor.


4. Operations is the function or system that transforms inputs into outputs of greater value.


Question 1
Which of the following is achieved through formulation and enforcement of policies, rules, and regulations?
A. Division of labor
B. Centralized decision making
C. A common goal
D. Coordination of effort

Question 2
Historically, managers have maintained the integrity of the hierarchy of authority by adhering to:
A. centralized decision making.
B. a wide span on control.  C. decentralized decision making.
D. the unity of command principle.

Question 3
The __________ refers to the number of people reporting directly to a given manager.
A. division of labor
B. hierarchy of authority
C. span of control
D. unity of command

Question 4
A relatively self-sufficient entity is called a(n):
A. open system.
B. unity of command system.


C. closed system.
D. command-and-control system.


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