Markets in which several large sellers sell to a large number of buyers are called: 

Question 1
A company-based acquisition site that uses e-procurement methods such as reverse auctions, negotiations, or group purchasing to overcome the manual searching of e-stores and e-malls, is referred to as a(n):
A. desktop procurement method.
B. buy-side e-marketplace.
C. intermediary.
D. aggregated catalog.

Question 2
Benefits of e-procurement over traditional procurement methods include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. increasing the productivity of purchasing agents.
B. lowering purchase prices through product standardization, reverse auctions, volume discounts, and consolidation of purchases.
C. increasing the skill requirements and training needs of purchasing agents.
D. streamlining invoice reconciliation and dispute resolution.

Question 3
In general, the benefits of contract-management software include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. reducing contract negotiation time and efforts.
B. reducing contract-related risks
C. providing more efficient approval processes.
D. enabling standardization of contracts throughout the enterprise.

Question 1
Attracting large business sellers to public exchanges is often difficult for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
A. they are required to pay transaction fees even when they engage in transactions with existing customers.
B. it is sometimes difficult to recruit large suppliers.
C. competitors who are also exchange members may gain access to confidential information.
D. advertising costs in public exchanges are very expensive.

Question 2
In dealing with exchange members, the management of the exchange should:
A. strive to maximize exchange revenues through charging the highest possible fees.
B. leave the management of day-to-day operations of the exchange to the members.
C. make certain that the exchange is neutral in its dealings with all members.

D. take special care of the companies that share ownership in the exchange.

Question 3
Using tunneling technology to improve security of communication over the Internet is called:
A. electronic data interchange (EDI).
B. virtual private network (VPN).
C. Internet protocol (IP).
D. local area network (LAN).

Question 1
All of the following are correct about market research methods EXCEPT:
A. it is important first to understand how groups of consumers are classified or segmented.
B. markets can be segmented to increase the percentage of responses and to formulate effective marketing strategies that appeal to specific consumer groups.
C. direct mail marketing methods are usually cost-effective.
D. market segmentation is done with the aid of tools such as data modeling and data warehousing.

Question 2
The major disadvantage of banners is:
A. the limited amount of information can be placed on the banner.
B. their cost.
C. viewers have become immune to banners and seldom notice them.
D. the limited amount of time the banner is present to the visitor.

Question 3
A(n) __________ is a type of pop-up ad that appears after a user clicks a link and remains while content is loading to capture the user’s attention for a short time, either as a promotion or a lead-in to the site’s homepage or to advertise a product or a service.
A. keyword banner
C. banner exchange
D. interstitial

Question 4
A(n) __________ is an HTML coding statement that describes the content of a Web page and is used by search engines to index the site’s content so that it can be found.
A. domainer
B. meta-tag
C. associated ad display
D. advertorial

Question 1
Key business drivers for B2B are all of the following EXCEPT:
A. numerous private and public B2B e-marketplaces.
B. the availability of a secure broadband Internet platform.
C. the willingness of companies to incur higher costs to improve collaboration.
D. the need for collaboration between suppliers and buyers.

Question 2
B2B transactions that involve communication, design, planning, information sharing, and activites beyond financial transactions among business partners is referred to as __________.
A. exchanges
B. collaborative commerce
C. trading communities
D. public marketplaces

Question 3
With __________, a business sells to a business but delivers small quantities to customers of the buying business.
A. B2B2C
B. B2B
C. B2C2B
D. B2C

Question 1
A third party that operates an exchange and, in many cases, also owns the exchange is known as a(n):
A. intermediary.
B. market maker.
C. negotiator.
D. agent.

Question 2
ChemConnect is an example of a successful e-exchange with:
A. many buyers and many sellers.
B. few buyers and few sellers.
C. many buyers and one seller.
D. many buyers and few sellers.

Question 3
In the context of EC, __________ are electronic trading-community meeting places for many sellers and many buyers, and possibly for other business partners.
A. exchanges
B. portals
C. social networks
D. B2C


Question 4
Markets in which several large sellers sell to a large number of buyers are called:
A. differentiated markets.
B. fragmented markets.
C. buyer-concentrated markets.
D. seller-concentrated markets.


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