When large suppliers or buyers are involved, a workflow system:

Question 1
Wal-Mart and Levi Strauss collaborate on demand forecasting in order to optimize the flow of materials along the supply chain. This is an example of:
A. reducing design cycle time.
C. reducing product development time.

Question 2
__________ is a business strategy that enables manufacturers to control and share product-related data as part of product design and development efforts.
A. Advanced planning and scheduling
B. Collaborative planning
C. Product lifecycle management
D. Internal commerce

Question 3
When large suppliers or buyers are involved, a workflow system:
A. is needed for both the collaborative efforts and for supply chain and production improvements.
B. is needed for collaborative efforts only.
C. may be helpful for supply chain improvements.
D. will fail because of system incompatibilities.

Question 4
Groupware is appropriate in all of the following situations EXCEPT:
A. for groups to share ideas and opinions.
B. for people working on different tasks or projects.
C. for networked environments.
D. for people in the same room.

Question 1
Cyber cons have a negative effect on EC because:
A. defending against these cons and compensating for damages significantly increase the costs of EC.
B. a majority of potential customers do not shop online because they are too afraid of fraud to trust online merchants.
C. companies cannot expand their e-business to other countries with underdeveloped legal systems.
D. con artists have gone low-tech.

Question 2
The key reasons why EC criminals cannot be stopped include each of the following EXCEPT:
A. strong EC security makes online shopping inconvenient and demanding on customers.
B. sophisticated hackers use browsers to crack into Web sites.
C. lack of cooperation from credit card issuers and foreign ISPs.
D. online shoppers do not take necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim.

Question 3
The protection of information systems against unauthorized access to or modification of information that is stored, processed, or being sent over a network is referred to as:
A. information assurance.
B. information defense.
C. information security triad.
D. information integrity.

Question 1
Social engineering attacks:
A. are an example of technical attacks requiring software or systems knowledge.
B. are a combination of technical and nontechnical attacks.
C. take advantage of Web 2.0 applications like social networking sites, blogs, wikis and RSS feeds.
D. are no longer considered to be serious Internet threats due to the increased security of MySpace, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Question 2
A botnet is:
A. a piece of code in a worm that spreads rapidly and exploits some known vulnerability.
B. a piece of software code that inserts itself into a host or operating system to launch DOS attacks.
C. DOS attacks.
D. a collection of a few hundreds of thousands of hijacked Internet computers that have been set up to forward traffic, including spam and viruses, to other computers on the Internet.

Question 3
Access to a network ought to be based on:
A. the policy of least privilege where access to network resources are blocked and permitted only when needed to conduct business.
B. the policy of acceptable use where access is restricted by the firewall.
C. role-specific security protocols where access is limited by a user’s level of trust.
D. the policy of need-to-know where access by all non-employees is blocked.

Question 4
The advantages of virtual private networks (VPN) for data communications include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. they are less expensive than private leased lines because they use the public Internet to carry information.
B. they ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data transmitted over the Internet without requiring encyption.
C. they can reduce communication costs dramatically because VPN equipment is cheaper than other remote solutions.
D. remote users can use broadband connections rather than make long distance calls to access an organization’s private network.

Question 1
The basic security concepts relating to customers and other users are:
A. confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
B. information assurance, confidentiality, and authentication.
C. authentication, authorization, and nonrepudiation.
D. authorization, nonrepudiation, and information assurance.

Question 2
A vulnerability:
A. is a software bug.
B. is the probability that a weakness will be known and used.
C. is the estimated cost, loss, or damage that can result if a threat exploits a vulnerability.
D. is a weakness in software or other mechanisms that a hacker can use directly to gain access to a system or network.

Question 3
__________ is a crime ware technique used to steal the identity of target companies to get the identities of their customers.
A. Spamming
B. Pretexting
C. Social engineering
D. Phishing

Question 1
Brand building is important in B2B exchanges because:
A. exchange members typically buy only the best brands of product.
B. information flow is poor in most exchanges, making trust of suppliers very important.
C. it is easy for exchange members to change to another exchange.
D. exchange members typically buy products at the lowest cost unless branded.

Question 2
A company’s internal operations and its relationships with suppliers and other business partners are frequently:
A. as complex as customer-facing applications such as taking an order online.
B. much more complex than customer-facing applications such as taking an order online.
C. much less complex than customer-facing applications such as taking an order online.
D. replaced by customer-facing applications.


Question 3
For a manufacturer, the supply chain ends when the:
A. supplier delivers raw materials and component parts to the manufacturer.
B. customer buys the product.
C. product is used up and disposed of.
D. customer decides he/she is satisfied with a product.


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