Which of the following is not one of the four primary functional areas of a firm?

1. Operations management is concerned with
the design of the firm’s productive systems.
the operation of the firm’s productive systems.
the improvement of the firm’s productive systems.
all of the above.

2. Which of the following is not one of the four primary functional areas of a firm?
human resources.

3. The production system that prizes flexibility over efficiency and quality over quantity is known as
mass production.
craft production.
lean production.
electronic commerce.

Question 1
All of the following are examples of interactive entertainment EXCEPT:
A. Internet gaming.
B. purchasing theatre tickets online.
C. adult sites.
D. fantasy sports games.

Question 2
__________ are gateways to storefronts and e-malls.
A. Shopping portals
B. Shopbots
C. Shopping browsers
D. Intelligent search engines

Question 3
Charles wants to buy a John Lennon lithograph over the Internet, but he is unwilling to pay for it until he inspects it to ascertain authenticity. The auction site through which he purchases the painting agrees to hold his money until he tells them to release it to the seller. This is an example of:
A. a trustmark.
B. an escrow service.

C. a warranty.
D. a verification.


Question 4
A software agent that surveys users’ reading interests, then uses machine learning to find new Web pages and news articles using neural-network-based collaborative filtering technology is called:
A. an aggregator portal.
B. a real-time agent.
C. a learning agent.
D. the sponsorship model.

1. The ratio of a firm’s monthly output to the number of labor hours used in the same month would be a measure of
labor productivity. 
capital productivity.
machine productivity.
multifactor productivity.

2. All of the following are responsibilities of operations managers except
acquiring financial resources. 
managing inventories.
planning production.
scheduling production.

3. All of the following are transformation processes except:

Question 1
Amazon.com experienced all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Amazon.com maintained its position as the number one e-tailer in 2006.
B. Amazon.com has trended upward, driven largely by product diversification and its international presence.
C. The company’s financial success has been assured.
D. Despite increasing a sales and net profits, in percentage terms, Amazon has seen a drop in profitability in 2006, attributed to huge spending on further developing its technology infrastructure and its investment in the Amazon Prime discount shipping program.

Question 2
According to data from marketer, approximately __________ shop online and/or research offline-sales online.
A. two in five Internet users age 18 and over
B. three in four Internet users age 14 and over
C. three in four Internet users age 25 and over
D. two in five Internet users age 30 and over


Question 3
Marketing that takes place without the help of intermediaries is called:
A. direct marketing.
B. disintermediation.
C. pure-play e-tailing.
D. e-malls.


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