Which of the following power technologies has the highest fuel (thermal) efficiency?

Question 1
The world’s first large-scale nuclear power plant began operations in:
A. 1947.
B. 1957.
C. 1967.
D. 1977.

Question 2
Which of the following power technologies has the highest fuel (thermal) efficiency?
A. Fuel cell
B. Steam electric power plant
C. Nuclear electric power
D. Gas turbine electric power plant

Question 3
According to Michael Renner, the main objective of the war in Iraq is:
A. to Liberate Iraq.
B. to maintain a cheaper supply of oil.
C. because President Bush wanted to punish President Saddam Hussain.
D. for unidentified political advancements.

1. According to individual ethical egoism one should
A. Ignore the needs of others.
B. Help others to help themselves.
C. Do what is in one’s self interest.
D. Do what makes one happy at the moment.

2. Which of the following is not an example of ethical egoism?
A. We should treat others well because we want to be treated well in return.
B. We should treat others well so they will treat others well.
C. We should work hard because a “job well done is its own reward.”
D. We should work hard because doing so is a good model for our children.

3. The ring of Gyges can best be described as which of the following?
A. A ring of inheritance indicating royalty.
B. A ring that represents a committed romance.
C. A ring that cam make the wearer invisible.
D. A geological formation in ancient Greece.

Question 1
One advantage of hydroelectric power generation is:
A. the production of high-level chemical waste but no greenhouse gases.
B. very high efficiency converting water to electrical energy.
C. a wide range of sites for plant construction.
D. low construction costs.

Question 2
Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of hydroelectric power generation?
A. Dam construction causes loss of land suitable for agriculture.
B. Dam construction prevents upstream migration of fish.
C. Downstream water flow becomes unpredictable and creates extreme conditions.
D. Drought conditions can affect power production.

Question 3
The biggest roadblock for electric cars is:
A. storing the electricity needed to run them.
B. the inefficiency of the electric motor.
C. the lack of usable prototypes.
D. low-volume production.

Question 1
According to the textbook, Iceland’s proposed hydrogen economy is driven by all of the following EXCEPT:
A. recent developments in hydrogen fuel cells.
B. the movement to combat global climate change.
C. concerns over the price and supply of oil.
D. ethnic pride.

Question 2
All of the following processes are used in biomass energy technology EXCEPT:
A. radiation.
B. combustion.
C. gasification.
D. pyrolysis.

Question 3
The technology that converts solar radiation into electricity is called __________ energy.
A. fossil fuel
B. hydroelectric
C. nuclear
D. photo-voltaic

1. Strong ethical relativism holds that
A. There is no objective right and wrong.
B. Right and wrong are not really knowable.
C. Some actions are more right than others.
D. All actions are equally moral.

2. Which is not a reason for supporting ethical relativism
A. Moral uncertainty.
B. Diversity of moral views.
C. Situational differences.
D. Social cohesion.


3. According to psychological egoism people
A. Act in ways that are harmful to them.
B. Often act against their own self interests.
C. Act in the way they perceive to be best for them.
D. Act out of deep subconscious needs.


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